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Unite with the local LINC


We invite you to join a network of passionate, community-minded people like you who UNITE to Lead, Impact, Network and Change (LINC) our community for a better tomorrow. United Way donors who invest at least $260 annually gain access to this program and get a wide variety of opportunities to LINC throughout the year.

Why you should join

Being a part of the local LINC is an easy way to make the most of your community involvement. The local LINC brings together important leaders from across our community and unites people under 40 (and those young at heart) from all walks of life to maximize their impact on the community we call home.


Help our neighbors most in need through invitations to hands-on volunteer opportunities to serve with others in the community. See our community through a new perspective, and understand how YOU can help decide which programs and initiatives your gift benefits. Maximize your time and impact by investing in solutions to our community’s biggest challenges while growing your network.

How to join

It's easy to join, and we would love to have you! We invite you to:

  • Invest at least $260 annually in United Way of Beaumont & North Jefferson County -- that is only $5 a week! You can give online, through your company’s United Way campaign, or email our team at thelocalLINC@uwbmt.org.
  • Volunteer eight hours of your time annually at United Way-led events and/or your own volunteer endeavors.

Unite with the local LINC

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